Product Review: Kellogg’s New “Krave” Cereal

Check out this new cereal I got last night! It’s the newest product offering by breakfast-giant Kellogg’s, and I’ll be honest, it’s actually pretty good. It’s called Krave! Well, it’s actually okay, I just thought that the idea of it was pretty cool.  However, I started to  “krave” this from the moment I bought it, so much so, that I decided to eat this today after dinner. Yes, let it be known that I had breakfast after hours, something I hate doing, and always will, but today is an exception. One you must allow me because this week has been horrible from the outset. Anyways, to get to the point, this cereal may have just accomplished the unthinkable on me because I think that it has converted me back into a cereal eater again. You would think that it would be hard for someone to hate cereal, but when you start hating milk because SOMEBODY, who should not be named, made a nasty analogy about it that forever set me away, I just stopped liking products where raw milk was a featured ingredient, like cereal. This cereal is just so interesting and weird, that the only way to describe it, is in the words of the cereal-manufacturer’s themselves, “crispy multi-grain cereal outside, smooth chocolate inside”. Do I need to say anything more? This cereal literally oozes with real, live chocolate filling when you bite into it, I was impressed.

Krave comes in two flavors, chocolate and double chocolate. Of course, being the choco-freak that I think I am, I went for the double chocolate because why have a little chocolate when you can have a lot of chocolate! It also isn’t as bad for you as you would think because like a lot of cereals out there these days, this one too happens to be enriched with vitamins, multi-grains, and fiber. The only problem with this, is that it does get mushy rather fast, and I not quite sure if I like that. Therefore, the only way to solve that problem is to well, let your “kravings” take over because this cereal will be having you eat it over and over again!

Serving Suggestions: 

  • Umm, with milk, duh! (I prefer the skim variety because it’s the least “fresh from the taste” as my brother would say)
  • Oh, and don’t be like me,  please try to control your cravings and eat this for breakfast like a normal person.
  • On another note, sorry for the lack of recipes, the past week has been boring, horrible, and full of exams. I promise you that I will have a fantastic recipe for you after the weekend!
  • Also, I think that this post sounds terrible, and I probably won’t be doing anymore product reviews because they sound too much like cheesy advertisements.
  • I’m tired and its late…. but I just felt like I had to write something because I hadn’t blogged in a while, so this is what happens, a mediocre review on a what actually is a rather lame cereal.

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